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Every child born into the world is created to be a son or daughter to someone. Each of us was created with a capacity to receive love from a mother and father. Yet, many of us cannot say that we have been true sons or daughters to our partens or to spiritual fathers. We are born with a spirit of independence and want control of our own lives. This kind of orphan thinking affects our relationship with authority and Father God. 

This series addresses the issues of feeling like spiritual orphans, the spirit of submission, receiving our inheritance, and entering true intimacy with god, spiritual authority, and others.

  • Session 1 - Living a Life of Love or Living a Life of Law
  • Session 2 - 12 Steps to an Orphan Heart
  • Session 3 - Sons Receive an Inheritance, Orphans Don't
  • Session 4 - Orphan Thinking
  • Session 5 - Orphans to Heirs
  • Session 6 - Becoming a Son
  • Session 7 - Warrior Sons
  • Session 8 - The Revelation of the Father

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