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Courts of Heaven

This is a digital product.  Upon completion of the order you will receive a link to download a zip file with the individual sessions in mp3 audio format. Also included are teaching notes in PDF format.

Have you been persisting in prayer only to see little or no results?  Perhaps it would help to shift from fighting on the battlefield of prayer and start briniging your appeals to the court of heaven.  The Bible teaches that when we pray we can present our please in a courtroom where God Most High sits to rule and where Jesus Christ serves as our Advocate to plead our defense and help us make our case.  This study examines the courts of heaven, the protocols, and the legal precedence that equips us to effectively present our case in the courts of heaven and seek a prevailing decision from the Most High God.

  • Session 1 - Jesus and the Courts of Heaven
  • Session 2 - The Books Made Manifest
  • Session 3 - Qualified or Disqualified
  • Session 4 - Holiness Matters
  • Session 5 - Who Speaks in Heaven's Courts (Part 1)
  • Session 6 - Who Speaks in Heaven's Courts (Part 2)
  • Session 7 - Who Speaks in Heaven's Courts (Part 3)
  • Session 8 - Presenting Cases in Heaven's Courts
  • Session 9 - Learning from Biblical Cases

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