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Redemptive Gifts

This is a digital product.  Upon completion of the order you will receive a link to download a zip file with the individual sessions in mp3 audio format.

The true beauty of God's design is revealed when we understand the distinctive roles and how they complement one another perfectly. The Greek word for gift in Romans 12 is charisma, indicating a gift of grace that is a basic inward bent. These are referred to as the motivational gifts or redemptive gifts. All of us have different measures of each of the seven gifts operative in our lives. Usually one of the gifts represents our basic inward drive and is the dominant gift. The seven gifts of Romans 12 shape our views on life circumstances, others, God, and ourselves. It is the mindset that God gives us through which we interpret life and respond, make decisions, choose ministry, enjoy friends, choose a mate, etc. Our dominant gift causes us to see life through a particular point of view with certain spiritual assumptions. You have the wiring to reflect 1/7 of God's nature! 

  • Session 1 - Intro to Gifts
  • Session 2 - Prophet
  • Session 3 - Servant
  • Session 4 - Teacher
  • Session 5 - Exhorter
  • Session 6 - Giver
  • Session 7 - Ruler
  • Session 8 - Mercy 

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