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The Beauty of God

This is a digital product.  Upon completion of the order you will receive a link to download a zip file with the individual sessions in mp3 audio format.

The fascinting God created us with a need to be fascinated.  God's answer is the unveiling of Christ Jesus to fascinate the human spirit. Jesus will use Divine entertainment to satisfy our longings.  When God reveals God to the human spirit, there is a superior pleasure to any other pleasure in life.  In the romance of the gospel Jesus not only heals and forgives, but He fascinates our heart with splendor and beauty.  We have a beautiful God who beckons His people to fill their lives with His Word and prayer.  When marvel is restored and we live awestruck, we are spiritually strong.  A spiritually stagnant believer is vulnerable to the vices of darkness, but if we live fascinated by the Lord we do not need the stuff the world offers. 

You are invited on a Holy Spirit treasure hunt to search for the deep treasures of His splendor that is purposefully hidden in the heart of God.  This is the most intense treasure hunt imaginable. It will continue forever. There is nothing more exhilerating that when God reveals God to the human spirit.  We focus on climbing this "mountani of mystery" or entering this "vast ocean of endless beauty."  Even small tokens of the knowledge of God will capture and exhilerate the human heart in time and eternity (Is. 6:3; Rev 4:8-11)

  • Session 1 - God's Beauty
  • Session 2 - Encountering God's Affection
  • Session 3 - As Seen Around the Throne
  • Session 4 - The Beauty of God - Part 1
  • Session 5 - The Beauty of God - Part 2
  • Session 6 - The Beauty of God - Part 3
  • Session 7 - The God Who Hides Himself
  • Session 8 - The Sea of Glass - Part 1
  • Session 9 - The Sea of Glass - Part 2
  • Session 10 - The One Who Sits on the Throne - Part 1
  • Session 11 - The One Who Sits on the Throne - Part 2
  • Session 12 - God is like a Jasper Stone
  • Session 13 - God of Sardius - LIke Passion

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